Frank Dunn Rollover Policy

Frank Dunn Rollover Policy

This is our Rollover Policy for our event now and in the future. We will be offering a full rollover before May 31st (less $25.00 administration fee). Requests for a rollover must come from the affected competitor (not a friend or a spouse), it must be in writing or by email, we will not accept a phone message request. We will confirm the rollover of your entry fee to the next year, and explain the procedure to follow. Please email

Please understand that it is not the intention of the organizing committee to profit from this policy, rather to continue to offer a consistent quality of event at a reasonable cost. We consider all of our competitors to be friends and as such, we hate to say no.

Please remember that no rollovers will be accepted after June 1st, regardless of the reason. There are absolutely no exceptions. We will no longer be issuing refunds regardless of the reason or time of year, and always you will not be able to sell or transfer your entry to another competitor.

In part we have entry limitations placed on us from Prince Albert National Park, we anticipate a 20% dropout rate and a 10% no show rate, this enables us to meet our entry limit and still field a full race.

To request a rollover, send me a letter or email before May 31st, stating that you will not be competing and that you’d like to take advantage of the rollover option. You will be sent a rollover confirmation along with instructions on what to do for registration the following year.


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