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42nd Annual Frank Dunn Toyota Triathlon Information

42nd Annual Frank Dunn Toyota Triathlon
August 13th, 2023

We are hosting this race after the pandemic, please if you feel uncomfortable about being around others, wear a mask and social distance. As well if you are feeling sick or have a fever please do not attempt to participate!! THANK YOU!

There is only package pickup at the Community Hall, it will start at 11:00 on the 12th, and go till 5:00 . We hope that we can get most of the PACKAGES picked up on Saturday. There will be pickup on Sunday morning but we advice pickup the day before so you have time to read the info in the package, if you can”t make it Saturday, pickup will start at 6:45 on Sunday.

All participants need to have a Triathlon Association membership, Sask. or other Provincial body. If you haven’t purchased please get the one day membership at Package pickup.

There will be a Carbo supper on Saturday night, from 6:00 to 8:30 at the Community Hall. They are $20.00 for adults and for kids under 12 we charge 10.00. This is a pasta meal, with homemade sauces, and salads, all you can eat. We have room for 150 people, first come, first serve. This year we are splitting into 2 sittings 6:00 and 7:15, purchase the time you want to come. This is a awesome meal, please if you haven’t attended it is worth every penny.

KIDS SWIM / RUN is back again this year. We have added another age category, 13/ 14 years old, will be able to participate. Please go to CCN bikes to register your children, must have a STAC membership, family or youth. Registration will start at 1 at the Community Hall, and races
will start at 2:00 with 6-7 yr olds starting and will be 8-9 yr olds at approx 2:15, then 10-11 yr olds approx. 2:35, and 12-14 year olds will start at 3:00. Bring your kids and get them some exercise, get a medal, t-shirt and some cookies and a juice box.

There is NO PARKING at the COMMUNITY HALL parking lot. Please park at Main Beach Parking Lot and walk to Transition Area.

Body Marking and Late Package pickup will be in the Community Hall starting at 6:45 on Sunday morning. Your timing chip is in your package, please do not lose it, or forget it! This year we have to return the chips and the band, please give to the volunteer at the Finish Area.

There will be a Pancake Breakfast this year!!! It will go from 8:30 to 10:30 on Sunday morning. Come watch the swim and then go enjoy some pancakes. Adults are 8.00, and kids 10 and under are 5.00.

All interested volunteers please report to the Community Hall Saturday 12-5 or Sunday morning 7am for assignment, see Roy Fremont. We always need more volunteers! Free shirt, free lunch and a amazing grand prize for one lucky volunteer.

Sorry to say the Bike Route will be the same for 2023,(as in the past). The Park has filled the worst of the Cracks, there is one area of concern, it is close to Kapasiwin turn-in. Please if you get a chance check it out and in the race proceed with extreme caution, IT IS VERY ROUGH! I have had conversation with the National Park and we are hoping that they will address the really bad areas this Fall and next Spring! Hopefully 2024 we will have a better road.

For the Swim we want everybody out of the water at 55:00. If you are a poor swimmer but a awesome bike rider, we will let you keep going.
For the Bike the time to complete the course will be 3:45 (swim and bike time combined). We need the Bikes off the road at 11:30, we are giving you a extra 15 minutes to complete. The Run course will shut down at 5:50, but if you are within 500 m of finishing we will let you complete and Finish.

We want everybody to succeed, we just need to get the course clear and cleaned up before the Banquet. As well we don’t want to over work our volunteers, as we need them to come out next year!!


Mark Nagy
2023 Race Director

Individual Registration is Open!

The 42nd Frank Dunn Triathlon is August 13th, 2023!

The Frank Dunn Triathlon is one of the most anticipated triathlons in Saskatchewan. It is the oldest triathlon in Western Canada, having started in 1982! Frank Dunn Toyota has been the main sponsor of this event since its inception and continues to support the race!

Individuals: $125.00 until May 31, $150.00 after
Limit 150 individuals

Team registration opens on May 1
Team of 2 – $170.00
Team of 3 – $250.00

Kids Race on Saturday at 2:00pm
This will be a free race, just need a STAC or a one day membership. One day for kids is $20.00