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Race Results and Photos

Congratulations to all participants of this year’s event! Despite the rainy weather, there were lots of smiling faces out on the course. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make the race a success!

A huge congratulations to this year’s male winner, Jaden Porte from Saskatoon with a time of 2:53:33 and female winner, Abby Miller of Saskatoon, SK with a time of 3:11:53. Also, congratulations to the Mixed Team JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTARS for winning the team event with a time of 3:22:26.

Photos were taken once again by the talented Bob Holtsman. You can find the links below (google photos). These are low-resolution photos with Bob’s watermark. If you would like a full-resolution photo, please email Bob at

Here are the full results from Results Canada (LINK):

Here are some downloadable options for your personal use:

See you all next year!

2021 Race Results & Photos

Congratulations to all who participated in the 40th Frank Dunn Triathlon! We are so happy to have been able to put on a full race this year. And what a beautiful day it was! A relatively calm lake and a warm bike and run made this beautiful race a spectacular one. Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers for their support. It couldn’t be done without you!

A huge congratulations to this year’s male winner, Wyatt Kunz of Warman, SK with a time of 2:48:56 and female winner, Christina Charles of Prince Albert, SK with a time of 3:02:15. Also, congratulations to Team NEW APE for winning the team event with a time of 3:06:13.

The results can be found on the Results Canada Website. You can also view and download the results here:

Bob Holtsman was this year’s photographer once again. Thank you for all of the amazing photos! If you would like a full-resolution photo, please contact Bob for information at

Next year’s race date is set to August 14, 2022. Registration will open in early 2022 so watch the website for the information on that. Have a great year!

2019 Race Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 39th Frank Dunn Triathlon on August 11, 2019! Conditions couldn’t have been better for the 96 individuals and 54 teams registered. Seriously, what a gorgeous day! The volunteers were great and the spectators cheered loudly for their athletes. The weather was certainly better than last year when people wore their winter jackets!

The men’s race was a battle to the end with Wyatt Kuntz (2:47:20) from Warman beating out Curtis Earl (2:49:58) of Saskatoon to take the men’s title.

Anne Marie Charles from Prince Albert showed that she is as talented as her big sister Christina, who is off to Ironman Kona in October, to be the women’s winner with a time of 3:05:43 beating out Jackie Hatherly (3:06:32) from Regina.

Also congratulations to the winning teams:
Black Roses (Mixed Team) – 2:55:41
Run Like the Winded (Male Team) – 3:14:53
Byers & Tiede (Female Team) – 3:20:41

Congratulations to all the athletes that came out and enjoyed the most beautiful course in Saskatchewan for the oldest triathlon in Western Canada!

Full Results:


Of course, the Frank Dunn Triathlon wouldn’t be complete without the photos of our official race photographer, Bob Holtsman. As a fellow athlete, he is well-versed in taking amazing action shots! Please credit Bob in any of the places you choose to share the photos. If you would like printed copies, let Bob know!

Pre-Swim and Swim Photos

Bike Photos

Run Photos

What a beautiful day for a swim!

2018 Race Results

The 37th Annual Frank Dunn Triathlon on August 12, 2018 saw some cold and cloudy weather. Congratulations to all the athletes who participated in the race!

2018 (Initial) Results:
Individual Results Excel, PDF, Results Canada
Junior Men’s Winner: Kyle Caie (Saskatoon) – 3:00:12
Men’s Winner: Wyatt Kuntz (Warman) – 3:01:49
Women’s Winner: Jackie Hatherly (Regina) – 3:17:16

Team Results: Excel, PDF, Results Canada
Male Team: Team BMC (Saskatoon) – 3:06:37
Female Team: Victorious Secret (Saskatoon) – 3:49:55
Mixed Team: Fresh Air Experience (Prince Albert) – 2:59:28


2017 Race Results

The 36th Annual Frank Dunn Triathlon on August 13, 2017 had perfect weather, maybe the best yet!

2017 Results:
Individual results (Results Canada)
119 Participants, Average time: 4:03:07

Team Results (Results Canada)

54 Teams, Average time: 4:04:34

Men’s Winner: James Horner (Saskatoon) – 2:56:06
Swim – 0:23:44, Bike – 1:39:19, Run – 0:53:04

Women’s Winner: Christina Charles, Prince Albert 2:58:13
Swim – 0:22:41, Bike – 1:45:51, Run – 0:49:41

Team Winner: Team BMC 3:05:10
Swim – 0:22:24, Bike – 1:51:31, Run – 0:51:16

2017 Frank Dunn Individual Results Updated (PDF)
2017 Frank Dunn Team Results Updated (PDF)
2017_Frank_Dunn_Tri_Overall (PDF)

2016 Results

Another great year for racing at the 35th anniversary of the Frank Dunn Triathlon! The weather conditions in Waskesiu were fantastic for creating great results!

2016 Results – August 7, 2016
Individual results (Results Canada) – Participants: 118, Average time: 4:01:29
Team Results (Results Canada) – Participants: 47, Average time: 3:56:12
Men’s Winner: Tim Pierce, Saskatoon 2:51:07
Women’s Winner: Christina Charles, Prince Albert 3:01:43
Team Winner: Team bmc 3:06:17
2016 Frank Dunn Triathlon Individual Results – PDF
2016 Frank Dunn Triathlon Team Results – PDF

2015 Frank Dunn Triathlon Race Results

Congratulations to all the athletes for their efforts on Sunday! It was a gorgeous day with perfect conditions. The lake was calm, the bike was virtually windless, and the run was beautiful and warm. Thank you Mother Nature for the help on Sunday!

Particular congratulations goes to Christina Charles, a local athlete from Prince Albert, who won the Female division for the third year in a row! Her time of 3:05:26 meant that she came in 5th over all! She did an interview with the Prince Albert Herald, which you can read here. Curtis Earl from Saskatoon came in first in the Men and overall with a great time of 2:55:56.

Of course a great race cannot happen without the volunteers! A big THANK YOU goes out to all the volunteers for helping make the race a success!

A race is not complete without results: Here are the full results for the 2015 Frank Dunn Triathlon.

Next year’s race, the 35th anniversary, will be August 7, 2015. See you then!