All 2018 Registration Open

Register for the race here!

The Kids Race on Saturday at 2:00pm – register at the event.
This will be a free race, just need a STAC or a one day membership. One day for kids is $10.00

Race Info can be found here.

Kids Race:

Registration is from 12:30-1:30pm at the Waskesiu Community Hall (map).

6-8 year olds 50m 500m
9-10 year olds 100m 1000m
11-12 year olds 200m 2000m

There is no cost for the race, but each participant must obtain Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation (STAC)membership, either a seasons pass or the one-day insurance ($10).

2017 Race Results

The 36th Annual Frank Dunn Triathlon on August 13, 2017 had perfect weather, maybe the best yet!

2017 Results:
Individual results (Results Canada)
119 Participants, Average time: 4:03:07

Team Results (Results Canada)

54 Teams, Average time: 4:04:34

Men’s Winner: James Horner (Saskatoon) – 2:56:06
Swim – 0:23:44, Bike – 1:39:19, Run – 0:53:04

Women’s Winner: Christina Charles, Prince Albert 2:58:13
Swim – 0:22:41, Bike – 1:45:51, Run – 0:49:41

Team Winner: Team BMC 3:05:10
Swim – 0:22:24, Bike – 1:51:31, Run – 0:51:16

2017 Frank Dunn Individual Results Updated (PDF)
2017 Frank Dunn Team Results Updated (PDF)
2017_Frank_Dunn_Tri_Overall (PDF)

Race Numbers for Registered Individuals and Teams

Here are the race numbers for registered individuals and teams:

Number First Name Last Name Gender City Prov
1 Valerie Horner F Prince Albert SK
2 Chad Gareau M Prince albert SK
3 Jason Calladine M Air Ronge SK
4 Carmen Doyle F Prince Albert SK
5 Devon Sylvester M North Batteford SK
6 Doug Sylvester M North Batteford SK
7 Michael Higgs M North Battleford SK
8 Marilyn Irwin F Saskatoon SK
9 Christine Roberts F Naicam SK
10 Oleg Kougiya M Saskatoon SK
11 Erika MacIntyre F Edmonton AB
12 Blair Parkinson M fort qu’appelle SK
13 Drew Bell M Saskatoon SK
14 Shanna Strueby F Saskatoon SK
15 Jared Devers M Prince Albert SK
16 Andy Asher M Saskatoon SK
17 David Odishaw M North Battleford SK
18 Craig Cantin M Prince Albert SK
19 Marga Cantin F Prince Albert SK
20 Angela Arnold F Regina SK
21 Tyler Friesen M Saskatoon SK
22 Lyle Federenko M Prince Albert SK
23 Mayson Sonntag M Regina SK
24 Fausto Rodriguez M REGINA SK
25 Theresa Nimegeers F Prince Albert SK
26 Glenn Patkau M Saskatoon SK
27 Lauren Hauber F Regina SK
28 Loralie Sinkaruk F Saskatoon SK
29 Byron Reynolds M Calgary AB
30 Barbara Anne Mackintosh F Edmonton AB
31 Brad Pilon M Saskatoon SK
32 Leah Laxdal F Saskatoon SK
33 Shannon Bews F Saskatoon SK
34 Daniel Bater M Saskatoon SK
35 Sarah Figley F Saskatoon SK
36 Donald Figley M Saskatoon SK
37 Aaron Patterson M regina SK
38 Lisa Evans F Prince Albert SK
39 Chris Nisbett M Regina SK
40 Jason Korec M Saskatoon SK
41 Jillian Brown F Saskatoon SK
42 Evan Reekie M Saskatoon SK
43 Kim Odland M Edmonton AB
44 Courtney Wozniak M Prince Albert SK
45 Jennifer Brandon F Calgary AB
46 Matthew Hillhouse M Calgary AB
47 Robyn Ralph F Okotoks AB
48 Curtis Earl M Saskatoon SK
49 Shayne Burwell M Saskatoon SK
50 Cristina Makowecki F Lloydminster AB
51 guillaume lenormand M Saskatoon SK
52 Amber Burgess F Jasper AB
53 Luke Mann M Regina SK
54 Ryan Epp M Rosthern SK
55 Sarah Lightfoot Wagner F Saskatoon SK
56 Bill Glanville M Melfort SK
57 Scott Kurytnik M Prince Albert SK
58 Wyatt Kuntz M Warman SK
59 Jennifer Brooks F Regina SK
60 Ian Brooks M Regina SK
61 Christina Charles F Prince Albert SK
62 Joel Ens M Rosthern SK
63 Stephanie Delorme F Cold Lake AB
64 Greg Gubbe M Battleford SK
65 Jane Kim F Saskatoon SK
66 Brad Parenteau M Prince Albert SK
67 Joel Glanville M Melfort SK
68 Rick Fehr M Rosthern SK
69 Gary Thiel M Regina SK
70 Michael Zoerb M Delisle SK
71 Rachelle Zoerb F Delisle SK
72 Robert Steffen M Melfort SK
73 Derek Simonson M Prince Albert SK
74 Mike Edwards M Melfort SK
75 Jason Horner M Saskatoon SK
76 Connor Patterson M regina SK
77 Cary Primeau M Saskatoon SK
78 Mark Wells M Saskatoon SK
79 Kenton Wilkinson M Cochrane AB
80 Marc LeClair M Winnipeg MB
81 Joel Wilkinson M Cochrane AB
82 Jason Watt m Candle Lake SK
83 Kyle Berezowski M Saskatoon SK
84 Ed Berezowski M Saskatoon SK
85 Natalie Cox F Calgary AB
86 Douglas Blakely M Regina SK
87 Erin Davies F Calgary AB
88 Robert Kirschman M creighton SK
89 Dan Holtsman M Saskatoon SK
90 Tami Vangool F Riverside Estates SK
91 Lindee Larson F Weyburn SK
92 Dana Muma F Saskatoon SK
93 Darren Hagen M Saskatoon SK
94 Janice Gorecki F Whitehorse YT
95 Bryn Christopher M Saskatoon SK
96 Dave Cooper M Saskatoon SK
97 Kyle Caie M Saskatoon SK
98 Leslie Amundson M Saskatoon SK
99 Joey Brassard M Prince Albert SK
100 Melanie Higgins F Tisdale SK
101 Kelly Taylor M Prince albert SK
102 James Feuring M Regina SK
103 Jessica Cervi F Saskatoon SK
104 Chad Eggerman M Saskatoon SK
105 Drew Yahn M North battleford SK
106 Rob Woods M Saskatoon SK
107 Trinity Schmidt F Saskatoon SK
108 Mari Chartier F Edmonton AB
109 Dominic Hauck M Spalding SK
110 Patrick Simpson M Saskatoon SK
111 Conway Nelson M Regina SK
112 Jascia Manz F Prince Albert SK
113 Charles Miron M Calgary AB
114 Jenny Miron F Calgary AB
115 Peter Doig M Dauphin MB
116 Jesse Gaudet M Saskatoon SK
117 Jasmine Rogoza F Regina SK
118 Karee Davidson F Saskatoon SK
119 David Weisgerber M Regina SK
120 David Samuel M saskatoon SK
121 Norman Zepp M saskatoon SK
122 Aimee Seguin F Meadow Lake SK
123 Lindsay Osborn F Edmonton AB
124 Joel Pedersen M Saskatoon SK
125 Kyle Jones M Foam Lake SK
126 Wayne Lemauviel M Saskatoon SK
127 Peter Schalm M Meadow Lake SK
128 Sherry Just F Prince Albert SK
129 Kelsey Stromberg F Saskatoon SK
130 Curtis Merrifield M Rosetown SK
131 Karyn Kawula F Saskatoon SK
132 Alex Ryback M Saskatoon SK
133 Ivan English M Saskatoon SK
134 Doug Loden M Weyburn SK
135 Crystal Clarke F Saskatoon SK
136 Russell Goodman M Saskatoon SK
137 Beau Stevenson M Melfort SK
138 Stephen Fisher M Saskatoon SK
139 Lucas Fisher M Saskatoon SK
140 Hannes Kovac M Calgary AB
141 Stephen Loden M Meadow Lake SK
142 Flaviu Vadan M Saskatoon SK
143 Clifford McBeath M Prince Albert SK
144 Eugene Timmermans M Saskatoon SK
145 Janis Shirriff F Saskatoon SK
146 Brian Ross M saskatoon SK
147 Brandon Williams M Saskatoon SK
148 Marcus Zimmermann M Indian Head SK
149 Bruce Zimmermann M Indian Head SK
151 Dulcie Charles F Prince Albert SK
152 Anne Charles F Prince Albert SK
153 Tobi Rempel F Saskatoon SK
154 Tom McClockin M saskatoon SK


Number Team Name City Prov
190 AGM Saskatoon SK
191 Amanda Karen Lise Saskatoon SK
192 Cooper Club Saskatoon SK
193 crillygirls and dad Calgary AB
194 Die Tri-ing Battleford SK
195 Fast Girls Saskatoon SK
196 Feraro Sisters Regina SK
197 First Tri Battleford SK
198 Grey Owl Saskatoon SK
199 Happy Trampers Regina SK
200 Hyperboreans Saskatoon SK
201 JAT Moose Jaw SK
202 Kamolo Prince Albert SK
203 Local Lakers Melfort SK
204 Molasses in January Saskatoon SK
205 Pure Fun Prince Albert SK
206 Ready and Abel Weyburn SK
207 Redi Ready Go Sherwoodpark AB
208 RoadKill North Battleford SK
209 Robinson’s Lloydminster AB
210 Saskie Salamander Saskatoon SK
211 Earl’s Girls Saskatoon SK
212 Sehj Mike N Raj Saskatoon SK
213 Sink or Swim Saskatoon SK
214 Starbucks Students Saskatoon SK
215 Tap That Saskatoon SK
216 Team BMC Saskatoon SK
217 Team Braveheart saskatoon SK
218 Team Geist Wainwright AB
219 Team KFSie Saskatoon SK
220 Team Prune Saskatoon SK
221 Team RED Saskatoon SK
222 Team162 Saskatoon SK
223 The 92 Crew Saskatoon SK
224 The Bens Prince Albert SK
225 The Miss Fits Saskatoon SK
226 The O’Keeffe’s Battleford SK
227 The Young The Old and The Ugly Saskatoon SK
228 Three Fast Men Saskatoon SK
229 Trailer Trash Melfort SK
230 Transition Trio Saskatoon SK
231 TransMission Saskatoon SK
232 TriFecta Saskatoon SK
233 Trihards Saskatoon SK
234 Victorious Secret Saskatoon SK
235 We Want Cake North Battleford SK
236 Team W Cochrane AB
237 Team Faith Prince Albert Sk
238 Team Sask. Blue Cross Saskatoon
239 Team Fresh Air Prince Albert
240 Team Redneck Grebes
241 Team Head-Marshall Saskatoon
242 Freezin’Breezin’& Wheezin’ La Ronge
243 Splash,Flash and  Dash Waskesiu
244 A Buoy and 2 Gulls Prince Albert
245 Team Outter Limits Waskesiu

36th Annual Frank Dunn Toyota Triathlon Information

2017 Frank Dunn Race Information Package

Summary of the information:

  • Race package pickup will be at the Prince Albert National Park Waskesiu Lake Community Hall (map) on Saturday, August 6th 11:00am-5:30pm and race morning 6:45-7:15am.
  • Carbo Supper: On Saturday 6:00-7:45pm. All individual entrants get a free meal ticket and tickets can be purchased at the package pickup.
  • Kids race 2pm
  • Race morning: There is no parking at the community hall parking lot – pack at the Main Beach Parking Lot and walk to Transition Area. Body marking will be at the community hall starting at 6:45am. Timing ship is in your race package – do not lose it!
  • Pancake breakfast for spectators on Sunday morning, sponsored by Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce and starts after the swim.
  • Volunteers please report to the Community Hall Saturday 12-5 or Sunday morning at 7am for your assignment, ask for Roy Fremont. You get a shirt, free lunch and name in for a grand prize for one lucky volunteer.

Race starts at 8:00 am on Sunday, August 13th.

Waskesiu Lake triathlon